Marketing & BD

If you have a product or service you would like to present to Sentian Cloud Computing Inc, please consider the following:

  • I accept LinkedIn connection requests only from people I have met in person, by phone, or by video (such as Zoom, Meets, etc), and only if it makes sense. I never blindly accept a connection request, or just based on a common interest.

  • I do not buy products or services except what is strictly necessary to run my business: office equipment, computers, software engineering / devops tools, communication tools, management tools, online presence tools. My clients and the open source community provide the rest. My business does not sell products or SaaS, only "work-as-a-service".

  • I cannot promote your product or service unless I truly believe it is a better solution. This could only happen if I use it significantly and regularly; I cannot rely on your marketing material or a demo. Moreover, I will point out its strengths and weaknesses, and contrast them to alternatives, some of which could be your competition... since ultimately I want my clients to get what is best for them, without any bias on my part.

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