Hello, and welcome to the public pages of my cloud devops automation consulting / contracting business.

As you may see from my linkedin profile, I have a significant amount of experience in software engineering and devops automation. I would love to discuss how Sentian Cloud Computing Inc could help your business, employer or client (as the case may be!).

Since late 2017 I have been focussing on the following:

  • Cloud infrastructure provisioning automation: infrastructure as code using Terraform (also cdktf, Pulumi), Python, bash (increasingly Go)

  • Cloud native application deployment and delivery automation: via CI/CD such as jenkins, spinnaker, github actions, bitbucket pipelines, circleci, gitlab, helm charts, helmfile

  • Kubernetes: cluster provisioning, management, and securing; helm charts, migration of legacy or docker-compose apps to micro-services in kubernetes, scalability:

  • Serverless applications: engineering and provisioning "cloud functions" (eg AWS Lambda)

For further details on why you might want to hire me rather than the type of work that can be done via Sentian Cloud Computing Inc, my availability, etc, please have a look at Let's Talk / Recruiters & Co, where you can also find a link to my calendly.


Oliver Schoenborn Cloud DevOps Engineering Contractor / Consultant Ontario, Canada

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