Why Me / My Business

Some reasons why contracting me through my business might be the right decision for your business, client or employer:

  • Experience: 4+ years in Cloud DevOps focussed on infrastructure as code and kubernetes; 15+ years before that in software engineering for distributed virtual reality applications.

  • Passion and self-motivation: I am passionate about cloud devops automation; I stay informed, attend technical meetups regularly, conferences when I can, update my skills with some formal training or workshops once in a while.

  • International: through my business, Sentian Cloud Computing Inc, I can work for your business regardless of its location, with minimal overhead.

  • Low overhead: no office costs to you, all I need are a few accounts to connect to your cloud infrastructure, CI/CD, communications tools (Slack, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet). I have quality computing hardware where I work.

  • Work ethics: I track all my work time via an app, I stop the counter when I need to shift to non-work related online or offline tasks, I actively attend required meetings, I lookout for opportunities to improve your processes and reliability and cost of your infrastructure and CI/CD

  • Security: I use virtual machines, business quality password management software, etc to keep contract work completely siloed.

  • Agility: I am happy to do on-site visits for special meetings, to ramp hours down for maintenance periods, and back up to make further improvements, upgrades, etc, and to take part in agile scrum meetings or other Agile processes.

  • Save money: I engineer automation that just works, and doesn't need constant attention. I do not need all the benefits you offer, keep them for employees who need them!

  • Know-how accumulation: every team I contract for is different, I learn from each one different ways of solving problems, different tools, different concerns, and this gives me a broad view of the devops landscape of tooling and procedures.

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