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To Recruiters, Head Hunters, Talent Seekers, Hiring Managers, etc, wanting to contact me (Oliver Schoenborn) about current or potential work opportunities, please bear in mind that without setting boundaries, I would get too many connection and meeting requests, most of which would be a waste of both my time and yours.

For this reason, I recommend that you contact me ONLY if you can answer YES to all of the following regarding this or future opportunities:

  • Opportunity focuses on at least 2 of the following :

    • cloud infrastructure as code (terraform, pulumi)

    • kubernetes

    • python / Go

  • Opportunity involves mostly linux

  • Opportunity involves at least one of AWS, Azure, or GCP

  • Opportunity is mostly remote (once-in-a-while site visits are ok, like a day or 2 per month)

  • Opportunity can be c2c (corp to corp): contract is with my corporation (directly or via a contracting agency eg Toptal, Procom, etc)

Thank you for your understanding!

The following table provides other parameters related to contracting Sentian Cloud Computing Inc to do work for you or your client:

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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